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Prazata Car GPS Tracker GT02A Relay GPS Tracker Car 2G GSM Vehicle Tracking Locator Remote Cut off Fuel Shock Alarm Free Web APP

Prazata لتحديد المواقع سيارة تعقب GT02A ترحيل نظام تحديد المواقع تعقب السيارة 2G GSM تتبع المركبات لتحديد المواقع عن بعد قطع الوقود صدمة إنذار مجانا التطبيق على شبكة الإنترنت
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Product Real Picture

This will let you see the most authentic products.

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Suitable for all types of cars on the market

Car/truck/motorbike/bus/taxi, etc.

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Special Important Function (should with relay)

There are always people who have bad intentions about your favorite car. If you have this GPS, whenever you move your car, you can know and take measures in the distance to cut off the oil.


Various functions display

Alarm function /realtime track function / historical route playback / remote power cut, etc.

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Important Parameters

Learn all about our products the same as your car.


First Year Free Tracking Software APP

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The function of relay: it can realize the function of cutting off oil and power remotely


GT02D is a mini intelligent GPS Vehicle positioning terminal. It combines the GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning system technology. With industrial-grade highly integrated design and intelligent power-saving, installation is simple: connect the power supply to start work immediately. car gps tracker What's more, with wide working voltage range DC 9-40V,it has wide application to all types of cars,motor cycles,electric cars,ships, ect.. It has many functions for example overspeed alarm, shock alarm, ACC alarm and cut off oil and power remotely. With global positioning service platform,you can achieve remote vehicle management.


1. GPS+GSM+SMS/GPRS locating.Support GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz. 2. No power button, connect the power supply to star work immediately. 3. Raltime tracking: User can track the device in real time via SMS APP and Web. 4. History Route Playback: The web server can record the upload data of the device up to 6 months, you will can playback the history route at any time! 5. Cut Off Oil And Power Remotely: Send "222#"to the device, and it will reply “fule cut oil ok!” It will not start to work until you send another command to recover oil and power. Attention:when speed below 20km/h or in static state can realize this function. 6. Shock Alert:After setting the shock alarm, it will notice user via SMS or call once it got shockfter setting the shock alarm, it will notice user via SMS or call once it got shock. 7. Overspeed Alert:Send a command to device to active this function, and it will inform the user via SMS or call once its speed is over the presetted. 8. High sensitivity GPS chipset. 9. Fault self-recovery function: Built-in monitoring CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically. 10. Positioning by SMS: Send “666#”to device, it will reply the link of google map, latitude and longitude, speed, time, IMEI etc via SMS. 11. Intelligent GPS positioning: Built-in switch power source, once charged began to work,then intelligent start GPS positioning.User can check the location link of Google map. 12. ACC alarm: ACC on and off display on the platform can be used to determine the car is off or on.GPS TRACKER 13. LED lights status can show the tracker work status LED Lights Lights’ Status Device Status Red Bum Steady Connect DC 9-24V power supply. Green Bum Steady Searching GPS signal Flash GPS works Blue Bum Steady Searching GPS signal Flash GSM works


Content: Specs. Model: GT02D 2G GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ Working Voltage: 9-40V DC Working current: 22mA (12V DC)/ 12mA (24V DC) GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP Working temperature: -20 Celsius~+70 Celsius Working humidity: 20%~80%RH Size: 90*45*13.5mm Weight: 160g Color: Black GPS Precision: 10m(2D RM) GPS locating time: Cold start:38s(Open sky) Warm start:32s Hot start:2s(Open sky)

Buyer and Seller

BUYER : If the device can't be used, if I have a problem, will you help me solve it in time?

SELLER : Dear friends, first of all, thank you very much for buying products in my shop. Thank you for your trust. No matter what problems you have, we will patiently help you solve them. If the warehouse aunt accidentally sends the wrong goods or sends a bad one. Products, contact us, we will help you solve together, do not worry about everything, if you are a wholesaler, buy a lot, please contact us in advance, we will give you a big discount, to ensure that the products you buy are cheap and easy to use


We ship quickly, many of them are shipped the same day, if you are dropshopping, don't worry, we ship fast, and will not bring our brand

Brand Name
GPS tracker
Model Name
One Year
Special Feature
Easy installation, Cut Off Fuel, Shock Alarm
Internet Connected
Screen Size
Under 2 Inches
Battery Life
30 Hours & Up
Item Size
90mm x 45mm x16mm
GPS type
GPS Tracker
Out Power
Gps Module
GPS sensitivity
GPS Geographic Location
Work voltage
Location Accuracy
GPS accuracy: 5-10m LBS accuracy: 100-2000m
Backup battery
rechargeable 3.7V 180mAh Li-ion battery
Tracking Software
First Year Free iOS & Android APP

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