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2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard QWERTY Black Portable i8 with BL 5C Battery For Tablets Windows TV Xbox PS3 Raspberry Pi Dropship

2.4 GHz اللاسلكية ميني لوحة المفاتيح QWERTY المحمولة الأسود i8 مع BL-5C بطارية أقراص ويندوز التلفزيون Xbox PS3 التوت بي دروبشيب
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2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard QWERTY Black Portable i8 with BL 5C Battery For Tablets Windows TV Xbox PS3 Raspberry Pi Dropship

Instructions: 1.One finger represents the left mouse button 2.Two hands slide down to indicate up and down 3.Three fingers simultaneously click to represent the right mouse button Highlights: 1. Larger touchpad,unique dual mouse left and right button design,more convenient operation 2. Adjustable mouse speed,adjustable at two speeds 3. Mobile phone universal (BL-5C) rechargeable lithium battery,free to replace the battery 4. Palm size game keyboard,streamlined design With super good feel,super good shape design,most full featured,most portable features 1.QWERTY keyboard,up to 85 keys 2.Ergonomic design,perfect appearance 3.Larger touchpad,unique dual mouse button 3.Innovative full screen scrolling,perfect experience 4.Replaceable polymer lithium battery,rechargeable,safe and durable,universal BL 5C battery 5.Adopt environmentally friendly materials,lead-free process,in line with ROHS standards 6.Innovative intelligent code matching technology,no receiver lost,no worry after sale 7.Unique hot key design,use more fun 1. The upper left corner can adjust the music to the next one,pause, mute,sound size,the upper right corner is the four arrow keys and the confirmation button. 2.Double mouse left and right button design,more convenient operation; 3. The top left corner from the top to the bottom of the round button hotkey,respectively,one button to open the player, one button to open the mailbox,mute,left mouse button,the top right corner from top to bottom round button is a key to open the search,one button to open me Computer,open the main page of the browser,right mouse button; 4.Has F1-F12 keys; 5.Press FN and let go of the touchpad scroll bar to flip through the webpage; 6. Press FN and let go of the space bar to adjust the mouse speed,adjustable at two speeds 7.Streamlined design,hands-on operation,free control,game console-like feeling 8. Fine workmanship,first-class industrial design,self-use gifts

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Overview This is a wonderful combo,2.4GHz Mini Wireless QWERTY keyboard ,TouchPad combo,with USB interface Adapter For the lectuer, sales manager, presenter, from within a 30' radius make a presentation and operate PC wirelessly. Change slides and screen options, write on the screen, emphasize words and objects just by using this wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse with Touch Pad. For people who want to watch internet TV play on their standard TV, via broadband and a PC, like NBC,ABC,FOX and IPTV,Android TV Box, if use this wireless mini combo, who can sit in comfortable chair and select viewing pleasures without walking to computer to change channels or scroll through options. Touchpad This product was added to the innovative function Of the mouse wheel,when you press the Fn button With your fingers Touch anywhere in the sliding regionk,can facilitate the realization of the mouse wheel functions.This human design,it can be easier for to browse the web better,edit documents. Connecting the receiver Slide the receiver out from the side of keyboard, and insert to the devices with a standard USB interface. Once connected, slide the power switchto the "ON" position located on the left side of the unit to establish the connection. Auto sleep and wake feature The keyboard also features an auto sleep and auto wake mode. If there is a long period of inactivity, the keyboard will automatically go into a sleep mode. During the sleep mode, the user can wake the unit up by pressing any key. The 2.4 GHz receiver and keyboard’s RF indicator will continue to flash and will not power down. Switching off the keyboard after use After finishing using the keyboard,push the switch to the off position.This turns off the power,of the keyboard.The USB receiver should be plugged out from the PC and then inserted back in the keyboard so it is being kept safely. Charging the battery(Only forConfigure A) The device with built-in lithium-ion battery, please use only approved data lines and chargers. Fully charge the unit before operating for the first time. This device can be used when charging, but will extend the charging time; When the battery is low, the low-voltage light will flash to warn the user. The unit will automatically turn off if the battery has been depleted. Notes: This product has the configuration of A Configure A:lithium battery version, this version built in rechargeable lithium battery, additional charge USB line. Specification 1. Measurements (L x W x H):146.8 x 97.5 x19mm 2. Weight (grams): 110g 3. Operational Range: up to10 meters 4. Transmit power :+5db Max. 5. Operation voltage: 3.3V 6. Operation current: <50ma 7="" charging="" current:="" 300ma="" 8="" sleep="" 1ma="" computer="" system="" requirements="" 7windows="" 2000="" xp="" vista="" windows="" ce="" 7linux="" debian-3="" 1="" redhat-9="" 0="" ubuntu-8="" 10="" fedora-7="" tested="" since="" devices="" using="" 2="" 4g="" technology="" communicate="" radio="" waves="" your="" device="" and="" the="" other="" do="" not="" need="" to="" be="" in="" direct="" line-of-sight="" connection="" can="" subject="" interference="" from="" obstructions="" such="" as="" walls="" or="" electronic="" p="">

Brand Name
2.4Ghz Wireless
Interface Type
Model Number
For Laptop
Multifunctional Keyboard
Numeric Keyboard
for Tablet
Keyboard Standard
Mini Keyboard
Operation Style
Full Size keyboard
Axis Body Brand
Wrist Support

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