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nylon mesh strainer 10 micron filter milk nut mesh filter mesh filter bag micron filter cloth water filter mesh dust filter mesh

شبكة من النايلون مصفاة 10 ميكرون تصفية الحليب الجوز مش مش تصفية كيس فلتر ميكرون فلتر القماش تصفية المياه مش تصفية الغبار مش
  • 1x1 meter
  • 1x5 meter
  • 1x10 meter
6.100 ر.ع (شامل للضريبة) 11.420 ر.ع ‎-47% 6.100 ر.ع (بدون الضريبة)
لا توجد ضريبة
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>سوف تكسب 60.53 نقطة شرائية تعادل 0.121 ر.ع. سوف تكسب 60.53 نقطة شرائية تعادل 0.121 ر.ع. بعد شرائك لهذا المنتج. كل نقطة = 0.002 ر.ع.
حوّل نقاطك إلى قسائم شرائية من حسابي > النقاط الشرائية.

White nylon and nylon blended material for food, nylon 66, non-toxic, odorless, high strength, large elongation, elastic. Excellent strength, good wear resistance, ranking first in all fibers. High temperature resistant, resistant to decay, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, chemical stability, electrical insulation. Good anti vibration and sound, there is a certain flame retardancy. The fine transparent nylon, widely used in aquaculture, flour processing, nylon screen printing, pharmaceutical, chemical, dyestuff, monosodium glutamate, fisheries, food and other industries as the sieve. Alternative to polyester (PA) filter mesh for fine nylon mesh strainer,water filter mesh,micron filter cloth,reusable food strainer bag.

Note: Gauze to take folding packaging, a folding just about 98CM.


High mechanical strength and flexibility. Fatigue resistance. Available in disc, tube, bag and special shapes. Abrasive and corrosive resistance. Heat-melting resistance. Wide ranges of mesh counts for choice. Available for water, air, oil, paint, powder filtration. Compliance with FDA food grade.

How to choose filtering cloth?

Wide ranges of mesh counts for choice 80/100/120/150/160/200/250/260/300/350/400/450/500mesh nylon net filter for different filtration requirements.Available for filter disc, filter tube, filter belt and filter bags. 10-180 micron filter mesh . Filtering soya bean milk usually using between 100-150 Mesh/In. Filtering wine and tea impurities usually using between 150-200 Mesh/In (First use 100 mesh filter, and then use 200 mesh filteragain). Filtering milk or juice usually using between 200-250 Mesh/In. Paint filter usually using 80-200 Mesh/In ( Ground paint using 80-100 Mesh/In, surface paint using 150-200 Mesh/In). Filtering drinking water, suspended particulate matter and other fine filters usually using between 300-400 Mesh/In. If you do not sure what kind of specifications, please contact customer service.

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